Woodworking machinery

We provide solutions for large-scale use in the furniture industry. As a valued on the Polish market distributor cooperating with the most recognized suppliers, we help clients in choosing the most suitable carpentry woodworking machines – one that ideally suited in your studio,factory, workshop.

Among the many available in our offer item is equipment such foreign brands as Flex Trim (Denmark),Rosales (Spain), MC (Spain) or Miniprof (Czech Republic). From 2013 we also own production of automatic painting branded logo DMS. The implementation in the manufacturing plant these proven solutions to ensure that the prepared products are perfectly executed and finished. There is after all no secret that good woodworking machinery woodworking in the hands of good professionals is the best recipe for success in this industry. Our equipment, which is characterized by exceptional efficiency and precision work, are perfect for in technological processes such as:

  • grinding of simple elements and profiled before painting and between stages,
  • wiping stain the edges of the painted elements,
  • varnish to a high gloss,
  • polishing after oiling,
  • cutting the raw material and others.

Our priority is to adapt sold carpentry woodworking machines to profile your business. Hence, customers appreciate our flexibility and individual approach to the implementation of each order.