mc ls 650 brush sander

TITLE: MC LS 650 Brush sander



DESCRIPTION: Sander LS 650 2DH intended for flat and profiled surfaces finishes. Ideal for companies intended to manufacture of furniture of kitchen, furniture of rooms of bath, and finishes of walls.In its interior carries a drive disk and the other Roller both oscillating that provide a great sanding, this combination allows you to put the pieces completed and ready for the next process of work. The best way to work with the machine LS 650 2DH is a sanding a few revolutions, thus providing a long life of the sandpaper and the respect of the songs live. As their dimensions are reduced to the equipment of the machine is not an excessive final cost.


  • Length: 2.350mm Width: 1.950mm
  • Height: 2.000mm
  • CONTROL MACHINE: Automatic
  • SPEED CONVEYOR: 2 to 16m/min
  • WORKING WIDTH: 1.300mm
  • WORKING HEGIHT: 1 to 120 mm
  • POWER: 6 Kw
  • VOLTAJE: 400 V three phase neutral $ heart
  • WEIGHT: 2.200 Kg

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