mc ps 200hb brush sander

TITLE: MC PS 200 HB Brush Sander 



DISCRIPTION: Machine designed for sander surfaces in one or two
faces in flat or profiled pieces. Can be sanding on raw or
varnished surfaces. Two sander groups
o 1st Selt sander group o 2nd Can be used with the follow Sander tools;
Abrasive wheels, brush rollers and brush disc.


  • Dimensions long-1400x widht 1400 x 1410 higth .
    1st group sander :
    o Power 1,5 kw
    o Linear guides
    o Tilting movement
    o Sico counter
    o Belt 60 mm width
    o With pad
  • 2nd Sander group:
    o 0.75kw with inverter and turning inversion
    o Saft diam. 40 mm X 240 mm (option disc
    coupling )
    o For work in vertical or horizontal position.
    o Equiped with linear Guides and sico counters
  • 2 Upper pressure groups:
    o 1st 840 mm lenght and 6 wheels
    o 2nd with two wheels
  • Pletex Belt sander width 240 mm.
  • Feeding motor 0,37 kw with inverter and turning
  • Feeding speed 2-12 mts/min
  • Dust colectors 2 X d 80mm
  • Weight 350 kg.
  • Electrical components OMRON or similar.
  • Electrical Tension 400v 3phases+ground+neutral
  • Total power 2.9 Kw
  • Electrical Box IP54
  • CE

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