dms 600/4s automatic spray machine

New machine Automatic spray Work width up to 600mm

Automatic spray machine DMS 600/4S

DMS 600 / 4S is an automatic paint produced by our company for the purpose of painting or staining furniture parts, stairs, moldings and panels to the max. height 50mm. Easy and simple service and the latest technology guarantee the highest quality of painting. The compact dimensions of the device allow the use in smaller rooms. The machine is operated with a 19 “touch screen on the basis of software intuitively prepared. The machine is designed in such a way that all the maintenance operations such as replacement of filters, cleaning, replacement of paints or stains may take place in an optimal way. DMS 600 / 4S is manufactured by well-known and proven principles: the system is designed as a closed cabin with the possibility of connecting the exhaust air and diesel particulate filter. The machine is equipped with a conveyor belt, which, depending on the model can be protected with foil / paper or equipped with a system ploughshare cleaning tape right. Both systems designed for the recovery of the paint. Zone coating includes a movable arm can be mounted up to 4 guns on his shoulder. Guns are mounted on adjustable brackets (guns are suspended, so that you can adjust the height of +/- 100 mm). At the entrance of the machine is equipped with sensory EX strip for the detection of objects. A scanner for detecting objects operable to transmit the stroke element to a controller, which Campsite is working properly by applying paint spray guns only in the zone of the element. Automatic ready to install hardware paint low or high pressure.

Basic info

  • Working width up to 600mm
  • Paint recovery system
  • Tape cleaning system
  • The machine can be modified to fit customer needs
  • Quick setup and colour change
  • Possible to fit into a production line with, e.g. automatic feeding, sanding, and drying
  • Sturdy model that is made to produce every day, all year round
*we reserve the possibility of changes and occurrence of errors in technical data

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