dms 300 brush sander

TITLE: DMS 300 Brush sander


MODEL: 300

DESCRIPTION: DMS 300 is designed for sanding a various range
of items, from flat items to very complex items. The
double-spindled DMS 300 can be used in any
production, no matter if the material is composite, wood
or metal. This machine is ideal for replacing manual


  • Sanding width: up to 300mm
  • Axis diameter of 30 mm
  • Supply voltage 400 V
  • Power 1.1 kW
  • Dust extraction ø 2 x 100 mm
  • Total weight 220kg


  • The machine is easy and simple to operate
  • Effective and flexible machine
    eliminating all kinds of manual hand sanding
  • Can be used by everyone in the industry.

*we reserve the possibility of changes and occurrence of errors in technical data

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