mc rustica 3r 1350 brush sander

TITLE: MC RUSTICA 3R 1350 Brush sander



DISCRIPTION: The machine is designed to work on the production line or individually. Made for structuring wood for flooring, timber beams etc. Heavy-duty machine with reinforced machine chassis and motors. Control of machine functions through touch screen. Control of drum and conveyor speed by inverter. Independent height control of drums operated manually and visualized in analogue display. Construction of the machine is closed, a constant basis. Transport table with adjustable height from 970 to 1030 mm. Electrical box in the upper part-IP54. Touchscreen ABB 3 spindle to structure Output shaft 7.5 Kw. Brushes for aging, at the option of the client during the tests. Rubber rollers, increasing adhesion and no damage to components during operation.


  • Machine DimensionsH:1.950 X W:1.800 X L:2.700
  • Sanding DimensionsWidth 1.300mm Height 120mm
  • Equipment3 x 1.300mm axles
  • Steel or Tynex brushes
  • Flex Trim sanding system
  • Machine Control Touch Screen
  • Infinitely variable speed the feed rate
  • Total Power15 kw
  • Voltage380 V
  • Weight2200 Kg
  • Models1000 – 1300mm
  • Brushing machine is armed with a heads and the materials sanding Flex Trim

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