mc ls 1300 dh brush sander

TITLE: MC LS 1300 WH Brush sander



DESCRIPTION: Sanding Board, doors, doors of kitchen and bathroom step ladders etc. Sanding of raw, Fund or lacquers. Possibility of placing the output of other machine. For any company. Control machine touch screen. Speed control by inverter. Sanding disc more axis roller. Automatic sanding pressure.


  • Tubulary structure totally screened
  • 2×1300 mm  Ø180 Flex Trim heads adjustable  0-8°
  • Min. length items 300mm, height 4mm, width 50mm
  • Abb touch screen 18 programc (not PLC)
  • Sanding pressure visualized in touch screen
  • Sanding heads controlled by indep. inverter

Mounted on drum + disc structure

  • Conveyor speed controlled by inverter

Speed range  2 – 14 m/min visualized in screen

  • 4x extraction pipes  Ø150 + 2 X 100mm
  • Motor sandingheads  2 x 3,0 kW
  • Motor conveyor 1,5 kW

Tension 400V – 50 Hz 3 phases + neutro + earth

Disc Unit (2 Rows W/ Oscilation)

  • 6 x Flex Trim D/A 180mm sanding disc
  • Disc unit extractable
  • Oscilation adjustable in speed via sreen
  • Motor disc unit 2,2kW
  • Total Power 10,5 Kw
  • CE marking CE MARKING
  • Dimension. L.2000 X H 1950X W 1850

*we reserve the possibility of changes and occurrence of errors in technical data

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