miniprof hand held edge bander

TITLE: Miniprof Hand helde edge bander

PRODUCER: Miniprof

MODEL: Manual Rambo

DESCRIPTIONAn entirely new revolutionary concept of manual edge banding of both straight and shaped work pieces – this is our cordless accuthermal MiniProf Manual Rambo edge bander from Mynař Company. This unique hand-held Miniprof Manual Rambo edge bander was designed based on our long-term experiences with developing and manufacturing. We mainly focus on achieving high-quality and fast bond, promptness and easy-to-use operation. Be among our first customers in the world…… For the first time, Miniprof Manual Rambo brings to the market the technology of direct application of 200°C adhesive to the work piece for manual edge banding of shaped work pieces. Compared to any common hand-held edge bander, the new Manual Rambo offers much higher bond strength thanks to the technology of direct application of adhesive to the work piece. Thus, the risk of edge detachment will be minimised, mainly in radiuses and other more stressed parts of bond being frequently the cause of unpleasant customer complaints. Another important innovation and design modification is the cordless operation system. This revolutionary technological solution guarantees maximum comfort while working. The portable working unit of Miniprof Manual Rambo edge bander is without the feeder cable. The heating of the container with adhesive starts after the working unit of edge bander is inserted into the charging unit placed on the worktable, where the adhesive is heated to required temperature. A special efficient thermal insulation of the adhesive container inside the working unit enables to work for a time long enough (up to several minutes) to edge band any work piece without the necessity to reheat the adhesive. Forget about cumbersome feeder cables hindering your comfort at work and turn only to things that matter. Thanks to the well-thought out design of Miniprof Manual Rambo edge bander, the preparation time before the edge banding itself is kept to a minimum – it takes only several seconds to set the thickness and height of the band and you can start working. No more adjustment of speed, height of the work piece or layer of adhesive. The machine is of course equipped with a temperature control function. The above mentioned application of hot melt adhesive directly to the work piece makes it possible to work with all types and thicknesses of PVC and ABS edges without the necessity to reduce temperature, mainly for the edge with 0.5mm thickness. It is no longer necessary to wait long time for the required temperature decrease to avoid the damage of band with hot adhesive during application. Also the necessity to replace the hot melt adhesive with a low melt one is already a thing of the past. The quick heat function accelerates the adhesive melting and increases the working performance of the machine. Rambo also thinks about customers working for example with polyurethane adhesives – it offers the possibility to regulate temperature thus significantly increasing the versatility of use. bBoth the feed and regulation of Rambo edge banding speed is done manually. The worker regulates the speed by hand according to his discretion and complexity of the edge bended work piece, which enables to achieve high quality and fast bond mainly in small radiuses. On the contrary, it is possible to edge band at speeds up to 10m per minute with straight work pieces. The low weight of the working unit (4.5kg) makes the edge banding easy and comfortable thanks to aluminium components.


  • Height of work piece 10 – 60mm
  • Band thickness (ABS, PVC) 0.5 – 3mm
  • Band (veneer) thickness according to flexibility 0.5 – 2mm
  • Working temperature 200°C
  • Temperature control YES (from 120 to 200°C)
  • Power output 1280W\
  • Network 230V/50Hz, or 110V (only for export)
  • Adhesive container capacity 500g
  • Weight (total) 10kg
  • Weight of working unit 4.5kg


  • Application of 200°C adhesive directly to the work piece
  • Cordless operation
  • Edge bander settings
  • Use of 200°C adhesive for all edge types and thicknesses (PVC, ABS )
  • Speed of edge banding
  • Low weight

*we reserve the possibility of changes and occurrence of errors in technical data

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