Woodworking machinery

We deliver solutions applied in the furniture and carpentry industry on a wide scale. As a valued distributor on the Polish market, cooperating with the most recognizable suppliers, we help our Clients to select the most appropriate carpentry machinery for woodworking – machines that will be ideally suited for your workshop or production plant.

Equipment from such foreign brands as Flex Trim (Denmark), Ceetec (Denmark), Rosales (Spain), MC (Spain) and Miniprof (Czech Republic) are among the many items available in our offer. Since 2013, we also conduct our own manufacturing of automatic lacquering machines and brush sanders bearing the DMS logo.

Implementation of these tried and tested solutions at a production plant provides the certainty that manufactured products will be perfectly made and finished. It is no secret that solid carpentry machinery for woodworking are the best recipe for success in this industry when put in the hands of good professionals. The machines we offer, which are characterized by exceptional efficiency and precision, are ideal for such technological processes as:

  • sanding of straight and shaped elements prior to lacquering and between individual stages using adaptable sanding materials.
  • rubbing of stain on the edges of lacquered elements,
  • high-gloss lacquering,
  • wood structuring,
  • polishing after oiling,
  • cutting (splitting) of raw material and other materials.

Sanders, abrasives, brushing machines, wood aging or structuring machines are used for work of this type.

Our priority is to adapt the woodworking machinery we sell to the profile of your activity. Hence, our Clients value our flexibility and individual approach to filling every order.

We also offer used carpentry machines, which can be purchased at attractive prices.

We cordially invite you to work with us.

To meet our Clients’ expectations, we design and create new machines to suit every Client’s needs. We invite you to get acquainted with our offer of new and used machines. At the same time, we extend an invitation to visit Strzelce Opolskie, where you can see and test machines with your own workpieces.