ceetec ips400 industrial spraying machine

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Ceetec IPS400 Industrial spraying machine

Ceetec IPS400 spraying machine is specially designed for indoor and outdoor wood paneling. The liquid is applied by up to 8 spray guns and can process up to 120 m per minute. The IPS400 is equipped with two chambers, allowing the liquid to be applied in several rounds. The wood moves through the machine using an automatic forward drive. The Ceetec IPS400 provides a high-quality spray finish allowing the liquid to be reused, ensuring low consumption. The IPS400 can be used as a stand-alone solution or can be included in an in-line production with drying and automatic feeding machines. The machine is equipped with an electronic air adjustment control and can be supplied with either Airmix or Airless spray guns. When designing the machine, the focus was placed on the provision of a simple user interface as well as ensuring simple and easy cleaning. The spray guns are easy to remove via a combined suspension module. The machine is supported by rubber wheels allowing it to be easily moved around. Ceetec IPS400 allows the customer to manufacture products according to their specifications.

Basic info

  • Capacity: 20-120 meters per minute
  • Workpiece dimensions: Max. HxW: 100×400 mm Min. L: 1800 mm.
  • Electric connection: 3x400V + IP class 54
  • Feed output: 1.1kW
  • Machine weight: Approx. 1700 kg.
  • User- and cleaning-friendly.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor coating.
  • An option for 8 spray guns in 2 separate chambers.
  • Airmix/Airless spray guns.
  • Excess paint can be reused.
  • Stand-alone or in-line production.

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