Sanding Brush Machines

A wide range of specialized equipment carpentry, which are used primarily for roadcasting surfaces of the structural elements characteristic to the furniture. Machines for aging wood available in our offer this equipment enjoys unflagging popularity, appreciated already by many contractors. Perfectly complement each line technology and will support the process of furniture production.
Each grinder brush located in the offer (MC, DMS, Flex Trim, used models of famous brands) to the perfect combination of proven design solutions. An additional advantage is also implementing advanced technologies and features that make the structuring of the wood not only takes a lot of time (in Unlike the manual method), but it is done very precisely. Modern brushing it device, which can not fail in any establishment producing furniture. Among the special models grinding brush, in addition to the multi-functional, there are also machines aging and structuring wood for working with specific elements:

  • strips,
  • profiles.
  • edge
  • segments of the veneer.

Brushing are responsible for assigning the appropriate invoice. In addition, very good clean and polish the different materials, which allows for their extensive use in the carpentry workshop.
We invite you – order today available in our offer at an attractive price of used and new machines to structuring and aging wood.