ceetec ip250 combi painting machine

TITLE: Ceetec IP250 Combi Painting machine


MODEL: IP250 Combi

DESCRIPTION: The Ceetec IPC250 machine combines technologyfr om sever al machines in one machine. The machinecombines the flow coat and brushing with airless orair mix spraying.The Combi machine make sit possible to apply primerand topcoat to e.g. interior cladding, in one machine. Application by brush oers some advantages that cannot be achieved by spraying. By brushing the paintis ”massaged” intothewood, whereasspraying inturn provides a perfect finish.


  • Max. element width: 250 mm
  • Max. the amount of the item: 100 mm
  • Minimum legth: 600mm
  • Power = 4,5 kW, 3 × 400 V + PE IP klasa 54
  • Mass machine: 700kg


  • Brush and spray gun in one and the same machine
  • Quick change-over from brush to spray gun
  • Possible to fit into a production line with, e.g. automatic feeding, sanding, and drying

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