ceetec ipm 380×250 combi

The Ceetec IPM 380 is a reliable brush polisher for workpieces sized 380×250 with the possibility of use in a production line or as a stand-alone unit .

The IPM 380 Combi is reliable , easy to operate and clean , designed for every day production . The IPM 380 is one of the most attractive machines on the market, it is as suitable as possible for sawmills , house builders and industrial companies all over the world.

The Ceetec IPM 380 combines the functionality of several models in a single machine. The machine allows painting by flow coating, brushing and also spraying with AIR LESS automatic guns.

The Combi model makes it possible to apply primer and top coat, e.g. on interior cladding elements, with one and the same machine. The application of paint with brushes has certain advantages that cannot be achieved with spray painting. With brushing, the paint is rubbed into the wood. Spraying, on the other hand, ensures a perfect finish. Combining these two technologies in one machine means optimum flexibility.

Technical data:

  • Throughput: 28-85 metres/m or 30-120 metres/m
  • Size of elements: 10×10 mm up to 380×250
  • Number of brushes: 8
  • No. of nozzles: 16
  • Compressed air Min. 6 bar
  • Current consumption: 16 A
  • Electricity supply: 3 x 460V . IP class 54
  • Outlet height: 950 mm (+/- 50 mm)
  • Weight: 1300 kg
  • L W H: 2650x1250x2100 mm
  • Direction of flow: Any