rosales sanding heads

TITLE: RosalesSanding heads


MODEL: Sanding heads 

DESCRIPTIONInterchangeable and replaceable abrasive discs.
Because of its constant form, our wheels allow accurate sanding of profiles.
High Performance 3.000 m. (10.000 ft). Minimum change time. Less than 30 seconds. Sanding of wood. Varnishes and lacquers. Due to the high precision with which the tool is manufactured, it respects even tiniest edges on the molded profiles.


  • A laminated aluminium disc with the hole according to the shaft of the machine.
  • On this, by a vulcanised system providing great stability, the countermould to be sanded id adhered, built in a composition of rubber whose strenght and flexibility is thoroughly testes and proven
  • On this base disc the replaceable sanding disc is incorporated, made in plastic covered with abrasive paper with the corresponding profile and the abrasive grit suitable to the needs of the desired finish
  • Last part is the fastener for the sanding disc. All of these pieces make our sanding tool with replaceable sanding discs


  • Constant diameter, which enable constant feeding speed of the pieces to be sanded (production calculation)
  • Constant profile: it is not necessary to readjust when the sanding paper is changed
  • eal for CNC machines
  • Long duration of a replaceable disc between 10.000 ft to 18.000 ft (3.000 meters to 5.000 meters), depending on the tool diameter and the material to be sanded
  • Change of the replaceable disc in less than 30 seconds
  • Bore of tool adapted to the spindle diameter of your machine.
  • Diameter of tool adapted to your requirements with a maximum of 200 mm. (Maximun revolutions of 2000 r.p.m., depending on tool diameter)

*we reserve the possibility of changes and occurrence of errors in technical data

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