brushing profiles with two heads and feed rate mc lf2c – 300

TITLE: Brushing profiles with two heads and feed rate MC LF2C – 300


MODEL: LF2C – 300

DESCRIPTION: Semi-automatic sanding machine equipped with conveyor
and with two sanding stations for sanding of all types and variety of pieces with a maximum width of 300mm. Sanding of furniture components, legs of chairs and tables, and all kind of edges. The great flexibility of the machine construction permits vertical and horizontal sanding positions making the machine very versatile. Speed and conveyor control by inverter operated and visualized by mini touch-screen. Allows mounting of normal Flex Trim 200mm sanding head, or 180mm disc sander.Adjustable pressure rollers. Machine suitable as stand-alone machine, or as part of a line, after moulder etc.


  • Machine DimensionsH: 1.410 W: 750 L: 1.400mm
  • Sanding Dimensions
  • Maximum (normal head): 200mm
  • Maximum (disc head): 180mm
  • Sanding Spindles
  • 2 x spindles ø 30mm for sanding head or disc unit
  • Flex Trim ø 180mm disc or 200mm head
  • Speed Control
  • Conveyor speed
  • Total Power 1,87 Kw
  • Voltage 220V mono phase
  • Weight 250 kg

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