flex trim head for power tools

It couldn’t be simpler!

The Easy Sand head has been created for everyone – amateurs who put the finishing touches on their handicrafts in the home workshop, as well as professionals. Armed with Flex Trim sanding brushes, it allows you to sand wood, composites as well as metals.

What do you need to be able to grind? Any power tool, such as a drill or power screwdriver. The head has a mandrel so you can mount it in a few moments.

Changing sanding brushes is child’s play – so you can quickly select the right grit for the material you are currently working on.

Basic informations:

  • Manufacturer: Flex Trim
  • Number of sanding brushes on head: 12 pieces
  • Available grit sizes of sanding brushes: 60 to 400
  • Max RPM: 700

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