ceetec duo flexspray automatic spray machine

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CEETEC DUOFLEX Automatic spray machine

The market’s most user- and energy friendly all-in-one automatic spraying machine in a production line or as a stand-alone solution. With its built-in 19-inch touch screen, user-friendly control programme and low energyconsumption, Duo FlexSpray is one of the most attractive spraying automatic machines on the market for lacquering of doors, kitchen cabinet doors, furniture and other profiles.     Its innovative automatic spraying system makes this machine fast and easy to clean minimising the stop time when changing paints. Paint change takes only 2-3 minutes. Our wide product range of equipment guarantees that you get an automatic spraying machine customised according to your current production line.

This spraying unit can work standalone, or as a part of line, for example with drying ovens.

Technical data

  • Capacity from 2 meter/minute to 10 meter/minute
  • Workpiece dimensions Up to 100 mm high and max. 1,300 mm width
  • Number of paint circuits: Two by default (extendable)
  • Number of spray guns: 4 by default (extendable up to 12)
  • Power consumption: 11 kW 16A
  • Power supply: 3×400 V3 FN–PE
  • Weight: 1,900 kg
  • Length, width, height 2400x3400x2300 mm
  • CE-certificated: 2006/42 / EC

Advantages of CEETEC DUO FLEX:

  • Glass walls
  • Low built-in height, only 2,300 mm height
  • Supplied with high-quality components
  • Spray Gun mounting with an indication
  • Polypropylene covering for easier cleaning
  • Exhaust side filter with Andrea filter and plane filter
  • Foil system with lacquer recovery
  • included by default
  • Paint change system for fast and easy changing of
  • User-friendly access for service and maintenance
*we reserve the possibility of changes and occurrence of errors in technical data

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