ceetec tunnel oven

The tunnel oven is supplied in modules of 6 metres each. Each module is made up of 2 zones that each has its own temperature and moisture control, thus optimising the curing process. IR technology may be installed in each zone, if preferred.

Inspection windows along the entire length of the oven provide optimum views and ease commissioning of new materials and varnishes. The operator is able to follow the product throughout the oven and adjust the temperature in the individual zones up and down, as required. It is easier to commission new materials and adjust the individual zones when you can see what happens inside the oven on a meter-by-meter basis.

The tunnel oven is a compact model that takes up little vertical space, thus preserving the overview of the production hall.

Advantages of the Tunnel oven

  • Capacity: Depends on the type of paint
  • Material dimensions: Max. 1300 mm width (as standard)
  • Compact model with inspection windows throughout the whole oven
  • Each zone has its own temperature and moisture control
  • Optimised curing process through a combination of IR and propelling nozzle technology
  • Optimised energy consumption and environmentally friendly recirculation of heated air
  • Optimised air-cooling zone with the option of adding a water-cooling module
  • Inspection windows providing full overview of materials in the oven

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